Grande Loge des Cultures et de la Spiritualité

La seule obédience Française théiste, laïque et mixte

Welcome to Les Amis Réunis. We are a small part of the GLCS Freemasonry Lodges, with its founding Lodge in France, based here in Ireland.

Freemasonry is a personal choice and cannot be entered into without commitment to the basic and enduring precepts of positive human fellowship. Often the rule of law can be bowed and the results leave gaps in what justice tries to achieve. GLCS and Les Amis Réunis as a part of this greater Masonic group are committed to a quest in Freemasonry of upholding Ritual, Rule and the fair and correct practice of Masonic conduct.

Striving to complete this task we set ourselves a challenge to focus upon the importance of Masonic traditions set down long before us. To honor great men and women who have laid the foundations of Masonic Ritual and Law. To sustain but also create expansion in the ideals they proclaimed. Our Lodge is open to both men and woman. We are multi-national and multi-cultural and we welcome all those who believe in the strength and generosity of human existence and camaraderie.

We thank GLCS for recognizing our reverence, perseverance and the individual commitment our members have for the Masonic journey. Masonry is a path that winds from Apprentice to Fellowcraft and finally to Master but even with a Master Mason the path gets longer and the work continues. Freemasonry is a vibrant and exciting quest with the expectations and outcomes as vast as the whole of humanity