Lodge Meeting

Les Amis Réunis Lodge No. 31

Lodge Meeting

March 6, 2023 News 0

A week ago our esteemed lodge from Dublin had a meeting. It was the first meeting of Brothers and Sisters in 2023 (6023). The meeting was fruitful and brought together a group of freemasons from different parts of the world. The brothers worked hard and diligently. After the work, there was a traditional agape, where we exchanged comments and talked about the future of the lodge. There are plans, willingness to work too, the light of the east that will show us the way shines strongly. So we’ll move on. If you are interested in going on a journey with us, Write. We can’t promise we’ll take you on board, but we’ll get back to you for sure. For us Brothers Sisters of the Lodge Nr 31 “Les Amis Réunis” Dublin, quality is more important than quantity. Always!

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